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Amanda's Fantasy Finds

I really enjoy reading fantasy books and writing reviews - I'll keep you updated with all of my latest fantasy finds :)
"I'm new to BookLikes and absolutely love it so far. My favorite books to read are in the Fantasy Genre. I will try to update as frequently as possible what current books I am reading or have just finished and what I think about them.

I just read a new book I bought on amazon called Ovid's Valley by Eric Patrick Clayton and thought I'd share with everyone that I highly recommend it. It's an adult contemporary fantasy novel, written very well with a lot of fantastical elements and great characterization. The main character Aaron, is depicted with great detail. As I was reading, I felt as though I was experiencing what the characters were experiencing. It was one of those reads where I couldn't put the book down. It appears as if it is the first in the series, therefore, I can't wait for book two to come out! You guys should definitely check it out! "
Ovid's Valley (The Recruiters) - Eric Patrick Clayton